Sleep Apnea Therapy

Sleep Apnea TherapySleep apnea is a disorder where the tongue and soft palate cover the back of the throat periodically during sleep, obstructing the upper airway. Breathing cannot continue, and eventually your blood oxygen level drops to the point where you awaken with a gasp to begin breathing again. After returning to sleep, more apnea episodes may occur. Disturbed sleep and lack of oxygen make sleep apnea sufferers more vulnerable to a host of other problems, including heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, acid reflux, and sexual dysfunction, to name a few.

Sleep Apnea TherapySeveral treatments exist for sleep apnea

The traditional method uses a Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) mask. The mask is fitted onto the head before sleeping, and a hose blows air down the patients throat to maintain the flow of oxygen during sleep, thus preventing sleep apnea. While proven effective, a substantial number of CPAP users abandon this therapy due to embarrassment or discomfort.

Another treatment involves a surgical procedure that alters the shape of the throat or mouth to lessen the occurrence of apnea episodes. This treatment, however, is not always effective.

Oral appliances akin to those used for TMJ therapy and treatment offer a more practical and effective alternative to treat mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea. At DC Smiles, Dr. Singer will choose from a variety of FDA approved sleep appliances including (EMA, Herbst, TAP-3, Somnodent, OASYS and others) depending on individual patient needs and physiology.

EMAsleep apnea therapy ema
PantheraPanthera sleep appliance
Somnodentsleep apnea therapy somnodent
Tap 1, Tap 3 & Elitesleep apnea therapy tap

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5 out of 5 stars based on 2 Sleep Apnea reviews.

Patient Review from Elizabeth P

I have been very pleased with the integrative approach being used to aid in resolution of my sleep apnea, narrow palate and poor sleep quality. All interventions have worked well together and make sense. I look forward to seeing the end results in how I sleep, as well as the bonus of a more symmetrical bright smile.

- Elizabeth P

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Patient Review from Fielding W

Unfortunately dentists and orthodontists are generally notorious for being somewhat curt, uncaring, and businesslike in their treatment of patients once they have secured your business. A model that involves having lots of people in, providing a standard service, and cycling through patients as quickly as possible. At DC smiles, one gets the impression that Dr. Singer and the staff genuinely care about you and your health and go above and beyond to make sure that you feel taken care of. I was diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea after having had a sleep study last year, despite the fact that I am young, fit, and otherwise healthy. After failing CPAP and traditional oral appliance my doctor recommended finding a dentist who specialized in sleep apnea. I was recommended to DC Smiles by a close family friend and scheduled an appointment the following week. I found out how the root cause of my symptoms were actually coming from my teeth, jaw, and tounge. Since then Dr. Singer has repeatedly gone above and beyond to ensure that I have the best treatment I can get. Often times, after thanking him I have heard him say that he only treats people, dentally and otherwise, the way he would treat his own family, and I certainly feel that it has been true in his dealings with me. I feel like I am in good hands and am very happy I found DC Smiles when I did. The rest of the staff are also awesome, especially Marlene and Kathleen. If you are considering dentists in the area, I couldn't recommend DC smiles more.

- Fielding W

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