Root Canal DiagramA root canal is a procedure in which the inner chambers of the tooth are cleaned and filled. This treatment can repair a tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted.

Root canal therapy is not a popular treatment within the holistic community. Infected root canals can never be 100% sterilized, and other organs and systems can be affected from a latent infection in the root.

However, sometimes root canal therapy may be performed preventively to a tooth that is not infected. Usually, this is done when preparing a misaligned tooth for a crown, or replacing a large amalgam (mercury-containing) filling.

For ideal candidates, minimally invasive dentistry still offers options to avoid the root canal such as Invisalign for repositioning the misaligned tooth, or safe amalgam removal protocol.

However, in the rare cases when a root canal treatment is needed, we will use Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) which is the most biocompatible root filling today instead of the commonly used resins and guttapercha, which are known to micro-leak due to poor affinity to the roots natural structure.

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Patient Review from Gerard R

Great work by both doctors. Root canal and subsequent crowns and other procedures complete with utmost professionalism and minimal discomfort. End result is a pleasant smile and a healthy mouth.

– Gerard R

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