Dental implants have become the standard of care that we can deliver to patients. It is like replacing the tooth with a new tooth created by human hands. This phenomenon started very conservatively by using a few implants to support a denture, transforming it into a fixed part of the oral cavity. As the technology progressed and developed, new options for replacement teeth in different areas of the oral cavity became available. We are able to use different ceramic materials in areas where aesthetics are a concern.

Currently, one of the greatest advantages of dental implants is immediate loading, the ability to insert the crown/denture the same day that the implant is placed. The Teeth-in-a-Day procedure provides instant gratification to the patient, increasing quality of life. This benefit is possible because the surfaces of the implants have been modified to enhance osseointegration, which is the integration of the bone and implant. Dr. Singer uses 3D imaging technology to model the restorations and identify the ideal location to place the implants.

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The main feature of this technology concerns the planning. Dr. Singer can plan the placement of implants, considering not only the anatomical scene but also the aesthetic positioning. When the doctor looks at the converted CT (computerized tomography) in the software program, it provides the possibility to visualize the bone from different perspectives, as if he were holding it in his hands. It also allows for less invasive surgery in many cases and fabrication of a superstructure, temporary or final prosthesis (tooth/teeth), before surgery. This enables Dr. Singer to perform the surgery and place the implant restorations without the need for sutures, which reduces the risk for inflammation under the flap. This is a real benefit for patients because there is less swelling, bruising and pain. Your time in the dental chair is tremendously reduced since all of the computer planning and fabrication of your teeth is done beforehand.