Non-Surgical Facelift

Most people are surprised to learn that dentistry can serve as a non-surgical facelift. Your teeth are an integral part of the structure of your face, and when the teeth and gums are altered, the face changes as well.

When cosmetic dentistry principles are applied to create a beautiful smile, your face will naturally look more youthful. This little known facial rejuvenation technique sometimes called anti-aging dentistry can make a remarkable difference in your appearance without the need for surgery. And it restores your dental health at the same time.

Some of the aging process is actually a result of dental issues. Our teeth become worn down, or we lose teeth, which causes bone loss in the face. This even creates a shorter facial structure, which promotes undesirable wrinkling. Those of us with bite problems may find that we are more prone to the effects of aging because the chin and jaw are not in their proper placement.

Dr. Singer‘s approach to dentistry is far beyond just evaluating your teeth and gums. He looks at the structure of your entire face, as well as the health of your body as a whole and how that relates to your mouth. In the process, he can provide cosmetic treatments that do more than simply improve the look of your teeth.

The Anti-Aging Effects of Cosmetic Dentistry

Below are just a few of the issues that cosmetic dentistry can often remedy:

  • When the teeth are restored, many wrinkles simply disappear as the skin becomes smoother over the mouth.
  • Thin lips can look permanently fuller without the need for temporary injectable fillers or invasive lip implants. This occurs when teeth are restored to their normal, youthful shape and volume within the mouth so that the lips sit in their proper, natural placement.
  • The structure of the mouth is changed when the teeth are restored, and this can have an impact on the look of the cheeks, creating a fuller, more youthful appearance.
  • With the proper tooth structure in the mouth, the jawline is often enhanced and improved. For example, if you have a jaw that juts forward or a weak chin due to an overbite, correcting the bite can potentially create a more pleasing profile.
  • Read more about TMJ diagnosis and treatment, which can provide an orthotic to restore the proper placement of the jaw joints and return the face to a more attractive appearance in many cases.

Read more about Dr. Singer‘s approach to Full Mouth Rejuvenation. During your evaluation, he can give you an idea of what you can expect in terms of a natural facelift after your dental work is complete.