Gum Bleaching

Many people are unhappy with the dark color of their gums. Luckily, todays technology allows us to lighten gum tissue safely and non-invasively, turning them the rosy pink color that most people associate with a pleasing smile.

In particular, people with darker skin tones often find that they have a naturally higher amount of melanin in their gum tissue, causing darker gums. Dark color is caused by excessive melanocyte cells that give skin and gums a darker color. This can even occur from sun exposure. In some people, the gums may have irregular pigmentation with darker patches in places.

On rare occasions, periodontal disease is the cause of dark gums. If that is the case, gum bleaching is not advised.

DC Smiles - Gum Bleaching Before
DC Smiles - Gum Bleaching After


At DC Smiles, we provide gum bleaching using the Biolase Waterlase, an advanced handheld laser device that lightens the gums to a pink hue. Minimally invasive, the treatment can be done in the office, and the results are permanent.

Biolase Waterlase is a laser technology that uses gentle water spray rather than heat to safely remove the cells that produce melanin, which are within the top layers of the skin of the gums. As the tissue heals, the remaining gums are pink in color. Healing is fast, and pain is minimal.

We will give you full instructions for caring for your teeth and gums after the procedure, and Dr. Singer will be available to answer any questions you have.