Examples of Poorly Crafted Veneers

Porcelain Veneers that haven’t been correctly placed can leave you with an unattractive, unnatural-looking smile. Either the shade may not be right for you, what you were trying to conceal like a crack, chip, or slight misalignment may not be adequately covered, or your oral health may not see any improvement. Bad veneers could wreck your already-delicate confidence.

  1. This patient was in the Washington DC area for a political conference. She came to us to have a veneer re-cemented that had popped up for the third time. She was seen on an emergency basis since she was to present herself for a speech. Porcelain veneers that pop off are a sign of a poorly engineered product possibly done by a dentist with little training in aesthetic dentistry. The veneers shown here look nothing like natural teeth. They are opaque with no variances in color. They are bulky, show no natural tooth anatomy and are ill fitting.
    Poorly Fitted Veneers
  2. These veneers are chicklet-like in that they are a solid color and very square.
    Poorly Designed Veneers

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