Cancer Reconstruction

At DC Smiles, Alexandria dentist Dr. Singer treats patients with a history of malignancy or oral and facial cancer.

When you need a cancer reconstruction dentist, please contact DC Smiles online or call our Alexandria office directly at Old Town Alexandria Office Phone Number 703-299-4614. Dr. Singer and his team are proud to serve patients from across the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

One Patients Story

Terry had a Hemimaxilectomy done at GWUH by the head and neck cancer surgeons. Dr. Singer treated him with a special obturator prosthesis. Terry’s upper right jaw was removed, including the entire bone and the teeth contained within it. The sinus antrum was left open to the oral cavity by the surgical procedure. That is to say, there was no floor remaining to the nasal sinuses. The purpose of an obturator prosthesis was to once again physically separate the oral and nasal cavities. This prosthesis has allowed Terry to speak and swallow normally and has provided support to the lip and cheek. Terry’s initial temporary obturator prosthesis allows him to have some of these functions restored while the tissues heal and the definitive obturator prosthesis is fabricated. Three zygomatic implants and three palatal dental implants will be used to support the definitive dental prosthesis. (Zygomatic bone or cheekbone is a paired bone of the human skull.)

For patients undergoing treatment for cancer, we offer preventative and supportive therapies

  • Pre-radiation and chemo diagnostic and treatment plans that address and alleviate all possible sources of infection and/or oral health issues in the future
  • Gel carriers to deliver medications to combat xerostomia (loss of saliva flow, dry mouth) induced by cancer-fighting medications