How to Choose a Great Cosmetic Dentist

What makes a great cosmetic dentist?

Dr. SingerIt takes more than marketing, slogans, and cosmetic dentist labels on web sites and signs to be a skilled cosmetic dentist. The following are some guidelines for choosing a great dentist.

First, make sure that the doctor you choose has training in cosmetic dentistry. A great cosmetic dentist like Dr. Singer has advanced training in aesthetics and regularly attends continuing education courses. Speak with the doctor and/or with his or her team about his special qualifications, expertise and training, and whether he/she has experience in teaching or with professional study groups. Oftentimes, this information is available on the practices website.

Your first visit should be a consultation to discuss your specific concerns, goals and expectations. At this time, the doctor will help you determine the best course of action to arrive at your best smile. It is important to discuss how a procedure will affect your bite and gums, so a complete evaluation of your teeth, jaws, muscles and their relation to your overall body posture and structure is necessary. Your doctor should take his time, listen to you, and answer any questions you have. It is incumbent upon a good dentist to address any biological and functional issues you may have before performing cosmetic procedures.

An advanced dentist is more than happy to show you work he has performed and will keep a file of before-and-after pictures in his office, as well as showcase them on his website. Ask the dentist if pictures on his/her website and office are of actual patients or if they are stock photos. Professional before-and-after pictures will give you a good sense of the quality and type of work you can expect from the dentist.

Take the time to do your own smile analysis at home so that you can give the dentist a good sense of what you like and don’t like about your smile. During this discussion, you can gauge the doctors experience and expertise to address your issues.

A good cosmetic dentist understands and follows the rules of Smile Design and will discuss these with you until you understand how you can achieve your very best smile. Look for information on the doctors to gain an understanding of how to evaluate your smile using the Smile Design guidelines.

A good cosmetic dentist is extremely particular about the quality of ceramics he or she uses. The very best lab technician and his artistic abilities is crucial in helping you to achieve your best smile. Feel free to discuss exactly who will be making your porcelain veneers or other restorations. The very best lab support provides quality through their experience and expertise, which means that it may cost more, but it is the only way to achieve top quality and, ultimately, the very best results.