Holistic Dentist’s Response to Dental Scan Concerns

One tenant of integrated, holistic dentistry is that patients become increasingly proactive in their own health and wellness. That’s why our dentist, Dr. Lawrence Singer, who practices out of DC Smiles locations in Alexandria, Va. and Washington D.C., is pleased to be able to address recent headlines about the relationship between human radiation exposure and X-Rays or CT Scans.

Dr. Singer appreciates the very real danger posed by overmedication and aggressive, unnecessary healthcare treatments.  But as an integrated dentist who applies neuromuscular science to diagnosing bite problems and the many associated pain issues related to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), Dr. Singer also appreciates the valuable insight that X-Rays and dental scans can provide in patient treatment.

Dr. Singer will continue to favor naturopathic treatments whenever possible. He will gather as much evidence about your oral or dental health through an exam and detailed health-history intake.

But when those tools fail to produce the type of comprehensive information about a patient’s health that allow our dentist to take into account whole-body wellness in the course of his treatment, it may be necessary to rely on an X-Ray or dental scan. This is a diagnostic tool that Dr. Singer will only use as necessary, and only when the benefits outweigh the risks.

The issue of radiation exposure and X-Rays/CT Scans was recently taken up by Consumer Reports magazine. In an article published first online, the writer raises critical questions for traditional healthcare providers. But, dental scans are deemed the most benign among mainstream X-Ray tools.

If you live in or visit the Greater Washington, D.C. Area and need a dentist who takes an integrated, holistic health approachto patient care, please contact DC Smiles online or call our offices directly to schedule an appointment with Dr. Singer: (703) 299-4614 in Alexandria, Va. or (202) 455-4920 in Washington, D.C.

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