Holiday Engagements-Don’t Forget About Your Smiles!

Planning your wedding? Many young women spend years of their lives dreaming of the day they will walk down the aisle. Just imagine it: all eyes on you, your hair and make-up perfect, wearing the dress of your dreams, as everyone “oohs” and “ahhs” watching you enter the room while they take a million pictures of your every angle to last forever in photo albums and Facebook feeds.

Yes, those photos will be around for a lifetime, so of course you want to make sure everything looks perfect. You’ve got the dress, you’ve the hairstyle…but what about your smile? If your teeth are not looking their best, they may steal the spotlight away from you…in a bad way.

Even if you haven’t included a smile makeover in your wedding to-do spreadsheet, don’t panic! No matter how much time you have until your big day, you can work some tooth polishing (pun intended) into your plans.

Got One Week? Get Whiter!

A super-fast and effective way to improve your smile immediately is with a professional whitening session at your dentist’s office. Although over-the-counter whitening strips will help if your teeth are not that stained, significant discoloration may require a professional appointment. You may even opt for take-home trays to lighten your teeth several shades in the comfort of your own house.

Got a Month? Fix those Chips!

If your teeth are misaligned, cracked, chipped or gapped and you want a Hollywood smile on the day of your nuptials, veneers might be a good investment.

Veneers, which are made of either resin composite or porcelain, are thin, custom-made shells that cover flawed teeth to change and improve their size, color or shape.  Although fixing crooked and gapped teeth with veneers takes a lot less time that say, braces, it doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll need to wait 2-4 weeks after being fitted with models by your dentist for the individually made veneers to be received back at the office.

Got a Year? Get Invisalign!

Many brides to be start planning extremely early – it’s not unusual to set a wedding date a year or more in advance. With months to plan, you’ll have plenty of time to fix your teeth permanently with these invisible aligners.

Invisalign requires a fitting and 10 – 25+ individually created trays that adhere to the teeth and gradually move them into a more aesthetically pleasing shape. The process can also fix overbites and other dental issues. It typically takes six month to a year or more to be completed – although the results can be delayed if the aligners are not worn long enough each day.

No matter how many days (or hours!) you have before your wedding, you still have enough time to improve your teeth.  Get a smile upgrade and make sure your wedding photos are the ones you want to last a lifetime.

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