Odontología restauradora

Advanced dentistry like the techniques and procedures practiced by Dr.. Lawrence D. Cantante, DMD en sonrisas de DC en Alejandría, VA take into the account that teeth, gum and jaw function should be well integrated with the rest of the body.

When you need a comprehensive dentist in Alexandria, please contact DC Smiles online or call our practice directly at Número de teléfono de oficina de Alexandria Old Town 703-299-4614. Atendemos a pacientes de toda la Washington, Área metropolitana de DC.

The DC Smiles Difference

This holistic approach to dentistry paired with state-of-the-art materials and comprehensive knowledge of reconstructive techniques allow Dr. Singer to create natural-looking restorations for healthy, beautiful smiles. En sonrisas de DC, we offer aesthetic restorations, such as tooth-colored fillings and all-porcelain crowns and veneers. Our tooth replacement options include cosmetic crown and bridgework, dentures, partial dentures, and the most natural prosthetic available implantes dentales.

Dr.. Singer offers comprehensive therapies for full-mouth restorative care and personalized reconstruction treatments for patients recovering from cancer or trauma.

If you’re nervous about dental visits, talk to us. Dr.. Singer can administer sedation during your treatments to alleviate your anxiety.