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Esthetically pleasing tooth-colored bio-compatible restorations

Dental work no longer has to be conspicuous or dangerous to your well-being. Dental alloys contain many substances other than gold that can cause adverse reactions. A doctor wouldn’t attempt to replace a knee or hip with cast alloy because the body would simply reject it. The same principle applies to holistic dentistry y naturopathic dental hygiene.

Why should you receive a restoration that could potentially harm your body when aesthetically pleasing inert, bio-compatible materials exist? The bottom line is that you shouldn’t. Your appearance and your health are too important.

Discover more about mercury and how you can get this toxic, bioaccumulative substance from your dentist through the infographic Mercury Dental Fillings: By the Numbers.

En sonrisas de DC, we choose only premier dental materials that will not compromise your smile with dark fillings, metal crowns, and the laundry list of possibly allergenic and toxic materials that accompany them. The advanced tooth-colored restorations we provide are just as strong, reliable, and effective as antiquated metal and amalgam. Best of all, they allow your smile to remain naturally beautiful and all-white.


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Amalgam FillingAmalgam fillings have been widely used to restore teeth since the 1800s. Initially developed from a combination of silver shavings, zinc, copper, and tin, they are more notable for containing 45-55% mercury this despite the fact that mercury is known to be hazardous to humans.

But aside from their potential toxicity, mercury fillings are problematic in other ways as well. Because they are sensitive to temperature, mercury fillings have been known to develop hairline fractures as they expand and contract. Patients may also experience tooth sensitivity. Amalgam fillings are also known to weaken and change shape over time, due in part to the impact of chewing and biting, creating tiny cracks over time and leading bacterial invasion. Over time they corrode and expand like rust on a car. Putting pressure on the teeth may cause fractures to the tooth structure causing them to break.

All of which is why, en sonrisas de DC, Dr.. Lawrence D. Cantante, DMD uses only mercury-free fillings (also known as tooth-colored fillings) to restore the smiles of his patients.Mercury-free fillings are made from composite resin, ensuring that patients aren’t exposed to any harmful metals. También, tooth-colored fillings represent a conservative approach to dentistry by actually supporting the tooth’s natural structure, enhancing its natural life in the process. Because tooth-colored fillings aren’t temperature sensitive and wont change shape or crack, patients are protected from bacterial reinvasion and other kinds of trouble further down the road.