Implantes dentales inmediatos

The process of getting dental implants has typically taken as long as six months. With immediate dental implants (sometimes called immediate loading), the crown/prosthesis can be inserted the same day that the implant is placed. We sometimes call this Dientes en un día. It provides instant gratification for the patient, increasing quality of life while reducing the time spent in the dental chair.

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Immediate dental implant placement is only possible due to advanced techniques. For the procedure to be safe and viable, your dentist needs a great deal of experience. Dr.. Cantante has done thousands of successful immediate dental implant placements for his patients and has practiced implant dentistry for 20 años. He is very familiar with the latest implant literature, and he has had the opportunity to try all of the major manufacturers. Esto le permite seleccionar el mejor diseño para el pronóstico óptimo para cada paciente. Dr.. Cantante es un maestro y un compañero en el Congreso Internacional de implantologia Oral y un candidato a miembro de la Academia Americana de implantología, así como un miembro de un número de otras academias de implante.

This state-of-the-art immediate loading technique is possible because the surfaces of the implants have been modified to enhance osseointegration the integration of the bone and implant. Dr.. Cantante usa el latest 3D imaging technology software Anatomage and Invivo to model the restorations and identify the ideal location to place the implants.

The main feature of these software programs concerns the planning. Dr.. Cantante puede planificar la colocación de los implantes, considering not only the anatomical scene but also the esthetic positioning. Cuando mira el CT concertado en el programa de software, le proporciona la capacidad para visualizar el hueso en diferentes posiciones. En algunos casos, it also allows the surgery to be done without flaps so that he can perform the implant surgery and place the implants without the need for cutting and sutures. Esto reduce el riesgo de inflamación, la contusión, y el dolor. Leer más sobre implantes dentales.

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