Elevación del seno

Post-Operative Instruction for Maxillary Sinus Lift Surgery


  • Do not blow your nose!
  • Do not smoke of use smokeless tobacco (for at least one day after surgery; two weeks is preferred)
  • Do not use a straw to drink liquids!
  • Do not pull on your lip to look at stitches!
  • If you must sneeze, do so with your mouth open (avoids unnecessary pressure on the sinus)
  • It is not unusual to feel small granules of graft material in your mouth.
  • Avoid air travel for 10 days
  • Do not use a Netti Pot
  • Do not use wind instruments (i.e. trumpet, horn, flute)

Ice Pack: Apply an ice pack to your face over the area operated on, using it for 15 minutes and then leave it off for 15 minutos. This regimen can be used during the first 24 horas. It may help to reduce swelling or pain, although slight swelling and discoloration are normal.

Chewing: Chew on the opposite side of your mouth. You should avoid hard foods that require heavy pressure for chewing. To avoid an upset stomach, you should keep some food in your stomach at all times, such as one of these suggested below: 1. Day of Surgery: cold liquids and smooth cold soft food – protein drinks, smoothies, milk, juices, apple sauce, yogurt, custard/pudding, ice cream/shakes, Jell-O, diet concentrates, or mashed banana. 2. Following Days (10-14 days) Soft food; scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, broth, pescado, soups, ground meats, soft bread, mashed vegetables, soft cheese.

Tooth Brushing: Avoid brushing and flossing the surgical area until the sutures are removed.

Activity and Exercise: Since you have had a surgical procedure, you should go home and limit your activities for the remainder of the day. Avoid Aerobic and strenuous exercise for 48 horas.

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