Pop Star Iggy Izalea Among Millions to Suffer From TMJ

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunctions (ATM/TMD) like those treated at DC Smiles in Alexandria may have a new poster girl:

Pop star Iggy Azalea.

Research indicates that between 20 y 30 percent of the world’s adult population suffer from some degree of TMJ disorder, the dominant symptoms of which are:

  • Facial/jaw pain
  • Clicking or popping jaw noises
  • Los dolores de cabeza
  • Difficulty eating or speaking

Azalea, pictured here in a Revlon promotional photo, is the flashy, Australian-born but American-reared pop rapper behind such chart-topping hits as “Fancy” and “Black Widow.” She has spoken publicly in recent weeks about her struggle with TMJ, and how the diagnosis is prompting her to make adjustments to her routine.

People magazine reports that Azalea shared her TMJ diagnosis in January via her Twitter feed. The magazine added that the singer’s disorder causes acute jaw pain, which is even worse when she’s under pressure.

“I’m gonna make more of an effort to take care of myself in 2015, stay away from all the drama & hopefully not have any flair ups,” Azalea reportedly Tweeted.

In a separate Tweet, the star added: “I don’t think western medicine all the way acknowledges what a huge toll mental stress takes on our bodies. But I do believe it is a factor.”

There is good science to support the premise that stress and anxiety can exacerbate TMJ and vice-versa.

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