Advancements in Zirconia Ceramic Dental Implants

A word from Alexandria Dentist Dr. Lawrence Singer at DC Smiles about Zirconia dental implants:

These long had limitations in the U.S. because they were only one peice. The design is very limiting as the top (corona) of a tooth can have and often does have a different angulation than the root itself. This difference is often 15-20 degrees or more.This created great limitations in where we could place dental ceramic implants and the aesthetics we could achieve.

Although they have been approved and in use in Europe for several years now, the FDA has finally given approval to two-piece Zirconia dental implants for the U.S. The major hurdle in a two-piece Zirconia implant is attaching the top part, or the abutment post that the crown sits on, to the dental implant body fixture, which is the part of the implant that is in the bone.

Titanium implants allow a two-peice design via the use of a screw to hold the implant and the abutment together. The new two-peice Zirconia implants use a special adhesive product to hold the abutment and implant fixture together.

Zirconia implants still need further development to reach the strength and reliability of the titanium implants, but this is a big step forward. On the horizon is custom made Zirconium ceramic implants (alrady in use in Germany) that are exactly the shape and size of the tooth they replace. We eagerly await approval of this technology for the U.S.

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