Dental Implant Repair

Many new patients come to DC Smiles with ailing dental implants. While dental implants are the most advanced and longest lasting method to replace missing teeth, they are subject to certain issues if not maintained properly.

We recommend re-care and maintenance visits every three months for patients with dental implants. This way we can ensure you are getting the best hygiene care for your dental implant investment, and we can address any problem should they arise early in the disease process.

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Peri-implantitis is a condition that can result in the loss of an implant and loss of the bone surrounding the implant. Bacterial plaque is one of the major causes of peri-implantitis. Other causes of implant failure may be occlusal trauma (clenching and grinding of teeth), or improper prosthetic loading (crowns or bridges that cause excessive torque on the implant). Proper oral hygiene and maintenance must be performed to keep implants healthy and prevent their loss.


Our implant dentist will perform many procedures to save existing implants that show signs of infection, mobility, or failure, including Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR), detoxification of the infected site and implant using medications, and the Waterlase MD Laser. In some situations, the failing implant must be removed, which can be accomplished using the Waterlase MD Laser. Using the laser for detoxification and/or removal of implants minimizes the damage to surrounding areas. It is a treatment modality that provides greater accuracy and predictability during implant surgery.

For more information regarding implant repair, call our office in Old Town Alexandria, VA at 703 299 4614.