All-on-4 (The Reality)

All On 4Dental Implant Centers are corporate-owned centers that provide a wide range of dental implant procedures, including All-on-4. This procedure is similar to the Teeth-in-a-Day procedure Dr. Singer offers at our office; however, there are several misconceptions about what the All-on-4 offers.

The first misconception is that you can walk in and have teeth that same day. The procedure requires considerable planning, including CT scans and denture design this usually takes at least a couple of weeks.

With All-on-4, all of the teeth are removed to make room for the implants and implant-supported denture. Often, good teeth are removed, as they are in the way. This results in an altered gumline and bone level and the need for an acrylic base on the denture.

Acrylic-based dentures often wear out very quickly over a few years or so, because acrylic is relatively soft and pourous, it retains stains and odors.

The acrylic base results in a passageway beneath the denture that collects food and constantly needs cleaning. Dental Implant Centers deliberately avoid showing this aspect of All-on-4 anywhere in their advertising.

With the use of a staged approach and bone replacement procedures, if necessary, we can preserve natural teeth and preserve natural bone and gum levels. We can then use all-porcelain crowns, which can mimic the look and feel of natural teeth and don’t absorb stains, odors, or bacteria. With a staged approach, we can achieve more natural results.

Case Study

Lisa had her teeth removed, with implants replacing teeth one-for-one. She had a temporary denture until the gums and bone healed around the new implants, and while permanent teeth were crafted from porcelain. This method allowed her to avoid the bone and gum loss that results in the need for pink acrylic or pink porcelain.

Before Dental Implants
After Dental Implants

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