Cosmetic Dentistry and the “Face Lift” Effect

You may notice that as you age, your teeth may become darker, worn down from grinding and chipped.  You may even lose a tooth or two perhaps in the back. All these changes or even just a few in combination can give you an older, sunken cheek look that can can cause a few more wrinkles to appear.  Even just by brightening and whitening dark, stained teeth with porcelain veneers a few shades, a more youthful and vibrant appearance is possible that will last for many many years. Studies frequently show that we have more confidence when we are more comfortable with our appearance.

With a complete smile analysis that takes into consideration not only your teeth but facial bones, lips and gums as well as the way your teeth show or don’t show when you smile gently or laugh uninhibitedly, a fitting treatment plan can be pieced together to give you that ‘face lift’ without invasive surgery by a plastic surgeon.

Take a look at your smile in the mirror or take a selfie shot or video of yourself talking, smiling and laughing to note various things you think could use improvement to give you a more youthful look.  You may ask yourself some of these questions:

•    Are the edges of your teeth even or are there teeth that are too long or short?
•    Do some of your teeth slant to one side?
•    Are the edges of your canine teeth too long, sharp or are they misaligned?
•    Do you have any chipped or worn down teeth?
•    Do you have an overly gummy smile in which too much gum tissue shows?
•    Do you have any old dental crowns that have dark edges at the gum line?

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