World-Class Laboratory

Painting veneers in a labA cosmetic dentist is only as good as his ceramist (lab technician). Ceramists take direction from dentists to fabricate porcelain into crowns and veneers. The art of this creation lies in the ability of the ceramic technician to duplicate human teeth with artificial materials. This task is very difficult and requires mastery of tooth anatomy and great artistic ability.

There has been a recent trend amongst dentists to outsource crown and veneer work to China, where labs provide basic services for an extremely low fee. The reason for doing this is purely financial. The problems are poor craftsmanship, poor quality of porcelain, and uncertainty of the purity of materials used. These low-cost, assembly-line dental labs often produce unsightly restorations, chicklet-teeth, and possibly introduce trace amounts of lead in their crowns. Most patients, however inquisitive they are about a doctors credentials, fail to inquire about the details of the doctors ceramist.

Doctor communication with the lab is of utmost importance. Some practices just send their impressions to a large dental laboratory where multiple people throughout the fabrication process may work on the crowns or veneers. These large labs often use generic tooth templates to rapidly produce a crown.

We know that one-size does not fit all and that each individual crown must be created specifically for each patient. At DC Smiles, we have cultivated a long-term relationship with several master-ceramists who create one case at a time. He depends on the latest technology for ongoing communication with DC Smiles. For any given case, single crown to full-mouth rehabilitation, we send the selected ceramist multiple detailed photographs using a professional 35mm digital camera with macro lens and ring flash set up. This is the best way to visually communicate our cases with the master ceramist, transferring true shades of teeth in the best resolution available.

Our Labs Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Uncompromised quality
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Improved quality of life
  • Embracing challenges
  • Solid relationships