Our Philosophy

Concierge Dentistry, Holistic Medicine an Integrative Ideology

While our focus is on dentistry, our doctors do not see the mouth, gums, and teeth as separate from the rest of the body because they are not. Everything that happens in your mouth affects and is related to events or conditions in the rest of your body, while the condition of the other organs and systems of your body also affect what happens in your mouth. This is a holistic perspective, which primarily means that the body is seen as interconnected. This philosophy is different from the majority of dentists, who only clean, drill, and fill.

Holistic medicine is also sometimes called integrative medicine, functional medicine, or biologic. Regardless of the term used, our team firmly believes in a whole body approach, as we have seen the many benefits in both our patients and ourselves throughout the years.

Besides treating the whole body, functional medicine seeks to find the source of dysfunction or disease rather than merely treating symptoms. It is a proactive approach to health in that its aim is to promote optimal functioning (wellness) of the body’s various systems so that they can complement each other and perform in the way nature intended. This involves caring properly for the body in terms of nutrition, exercise, everyday functioning, etc. For example, not only are food, exercise, and sleep important, but posture while standing and sitting affect the body in numerous ways as well yes, even the teeth. Posture is a key component in the development of TMJ disorders. (Read more about TMJ Diagnosis and Treatment.)

Therefore, functional medicine works to assess, treat, and prevent chronic disease and dysfunction. Clearly, with the epidemic of todays modern chronic diseases, the traditional medicine approach of caring for the patient only after a disease state has become acute is not working.  Our team has worked with a number of allopathic (traditional) doctors in a hospital setting, however, for more than 12 years and has gained great insight into many medical specialties, which allows us to better understand a number of medical conditions. As a result, we can appreciate each patients medical history as it may pertain to the health of the mouth and apply this knowledge to our whole body approach. 

Additionally, our team favors a non-invasive, non-surgical, natural approach to dentistry. This means that we avoid incisions when possible and maintain an almost metal-free practice, using biologic materials that are non-toxic and biologically compatible with the body whenever possible. All restorations, fillings, and crowns are metal-free, and we offer zirconium implants as an alternative to titanium. We understand the connection between nutrition and the health of the mouth and prefer methods that assist the body in returning to a state of wellness.

As a result of our long time philosophy, we spend time with each patient to learn not just medical history and genetics, but also environmental and lifestyle factors that have influenced the health of the mouth, gums, teeth, and the rest of the body. Therefore, there is nothing cookie-cutter about the care our patients receive at DC Smiles. Every service whether corrective, preventive, or cosmetic is geared specifically toward each patient and that patient alone.

We are also able to determine the best physicians for referrals in a variety of disciplines. We often refer patients to ENT doctors, orthopedists, surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists, integrated and naturopathic physicians.

Our primary goal is to help all of his patients achieve both their best health and a beautiful smile.

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