Migraine, Headache and Spinal Pain Treatment

Digintal Head Pain GrindingIf you suffer from frequent migraines, cluster headaches or another, chronic craniofacial pain problem, you owe it to yourself to consult with integrated, holistic and cosmetic dentists at DC Smiles in Alexandria, Va. about how alternative dental and TMJ treatments rooted in neuromuscular science can relieve your symptoms.

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Headaches and Craniofacial Nerves

Here are four reasons why you should think very seriously about seeing an integrated, holistic dentist, or at least getting a second opinion about your headaches or migraines:

  • Headaches are a nearly universal symptom of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ/TMD).
  • Traditional migraine treatments often rely on unnatural, inorganic pharmaceutical prescriptions or invasive surgery.
  • Nearly all migraine sufferers report tender face and jaw muscles during an attack.
  • The most effective preventative measures for treating migraines involve some type of muscle relaxation.

Pain is always the body’s No. 1 response to nerve or muscle stress, stain or damage.

Since neuromuscular dentistry relies on the interconnected nature of the body’s nervous system to pinpoint and treat tooth, jaw and mouth pain, it follows that holistic dental treatments can provide relief for many headache and migraine sufferers.

How Dentists Treat Headaches

Holistic dentistry takes a conservative treatment approach to headaches and migraines. Our advanced pain diagnostics rely on a comprehensive system evaluation to isolate the root cause or trigger of head, neck, face or back pain. Then, we aim to treat that particular muscular or craniofacial stress using more organic and natural techniques than pharmaceuticals or surgery. We treat the origin.

For many headache and migraine sufferers, a custom intraoral or orthodontic device akin to those that our doctors use to treat oral and facial irregularities including malocclusion, can provide marked pain relief.

These devices are designed to relax and relieve strain on trigeminal muscles in your face and head, and subsequently relieve pericardial stress. Several published medical studies have concluded that headache and migraine sufferers experience partial or complete pain relief when their symptoms are treated with this type of holistic, integrated approach.

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