Integrated Structural (Holistic) Dentistry

At DC Smiles in Alexandria, VA, and serving the Washington, DC area, third-generation dentist Dr. Lawrence Singer prides himself on taking a holistic approach to dentistry, regardless of whether a patient is concerned about cosmetics, struggling with TMD/TMJ or sleep apnea, or preparing for a restorative dental procedure such as dental implants.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

  • Dr. Singer believes that great oral health and dental hygiene is an indicator of overall physical health and wellness.
  • Proper nutrition is critical to the prevention and reversal of disease.
  • Holistic dental care takes into consideration the patients dental/oral health in the context of their overall physical health and emotional well-being.
  • To that end, Dr. Singer partners with an array of healthcare providers in various medical disciplines so that he can call on a comprehensive host of experts to consult on patient cases.
  • Dr. Singer practices Dentofacial Orthopedics Orthodontics, which involve the guidance of proper facial growth and development. These procedures are not only concerned with straightening teeth but also focused on the correction or prevention of a bad bite, which can cause an array of health issues including sleep disordered breathing (sleep apnea) and jaw joint pain-TMD.
  • Dr. Singer believes that patients play as pivotal a role in their own health and wellness. To that end, he strives to provide each patient with ample information about their treatment options and alternatives.

Why Practice Holistic Dentistry

Great health means more than regular check-ups or the lack of illness. It means taking an informed, proactive approach to health management.

When it comes to dentistry, taking a holistic approach also means avoiding unnecessary treatments and prescriptions.

Dr. Singer aims to understand and accommodate all of the various components that make up a persons health profile. That means our dentist designs a custom, individualized treatment plan for each of his patients. He also takes into account any other healthcare issues that may be affecting their overall wellness.

As an educator at George Washington University Hospital, Dr. Singer makes it his mission to keep up on the latest advances in an array of medical disciplines.