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Dental Implants Replace Missing Teeth

Implants in ModelDental implants are replacements for teeth with accompanying hardware, which may include crowns and various types of bridges. For most patients, implants are the most effective long- term solution for replacing cracked or missing teeth. They offer a wonderful aesthetic and functional solution for those who want a healthier and more beautiful smile. They can be used for one tooth, a few teeth, or all of the teeth.

Dr.. Cantante has 20 years experience with dental implants and has placed thousands of implants in satisfied patients. He is very familiar with the very latest implant literature, and he has had the opportunity to try all of the major manufacturers of these medical devices. This allows him to select the best design for the optimal prognosis for each individual patient. Dr.. Singer is a Master and Fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and a candidate for Fellow in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, as well as a member of a number of other implant academies.

Are you a good candidate for implants? Almost anyone with missing teeth who possesses good oral and overall health and adequate bone mass in the jaw is a candidate for dental implants. Those who do not have sufficient bone mass can have a procedure called Bone Grafting.

En sonrisas de DC, we offer both titanium and zirconium dental implants. With local anesthesia and available sedation, the tooth extractions and placement of dental implants are a virtually painless procedure. Prescribed and over-the-counter pain medication keeps discomfort to a minimum after the procedure.

In some cases, extractions and dental implants can be placed in one visit. This can even be done for some patients when bone grafting is required. Read more about Immediate Dental Implants.

Due to today’s technologies, you don’t have to live without teeth!

Implants are advantageous because they prevent bone loss, improve tooth function, and look just like your natural teeth, unlike dentures and removable bridges.

Dental Implant Software Technology

Dental Implant i-CATEn sonrisas de DC, we use state-of-the-art software for more accurate and predictable treatment planning for dental implants. Anatomage and Invivo software are leaders in 3D diagnosis and treatment planning for implants. This software allows Dr. Singer to make an accurate diagnosis and clearly visualize the patients bone shape and quality to determine if bone grafting is necessary. The technology also gives him a clear rendering of the roots of the teeth and the airway all in high resolution.

The software’s surgical guides eliminate uncertainty for the implant dentist. Guides provide for preparation of the osteotomy (socket that receives the implant) in the optimum locations for implant placement. This can prevent damage to vital structures such as nerves and arteries, and it ensures that the implant fixture is entirely within the bone and at optimal angulation to deliver the best prognosis for longevity of the implant and restoration (es decir, crown).

The surgical guide is placed on the patients jawbone, soft tissue, o los dientes, and the doctor uses the guide to prepare osteotomies for the implants. Entonces, when he places the implants into the prepared osteotomies, he removes the surgical guide. The surgical drill guides are custom made for each patient to ensure an optimum fit.

The main feature of this technology concerns the planning. Dr.. Singer can plan the placement of the implants, considering not only the existing anatomy, but also the ideal aesthetic positioning. When he looks at the concerted CT in the software program, it provides him with the ability to visualize the bone in different positions. In some cases, it also allows the surgery to be done without flaps so that he can perform the implant surgery and place the implants without the need for sutures. This reduces the risk of inflammation, bruising, and pain.

The use of this dental implant planning software assists Dr. Singer in providing his patients with the safest, fastest, and best possible care and service.

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I have a LOT of dental work - implants, coronas, bridges, and Dr. Singer is the only person who I feel comfortable working in my mouth. He is so brilliant and confident. I feel good about his staff because of how competent that he is and I know that he wouldn't have anything less working in his business. I can't say enough good about Dr. Singer and his staff. As much as work that I've had done on my mouth, one would think that going to a dentist should come easy but I am still scared to death but Dr. Singer makes me feel so comfortable because I know that he is one of the BEST in his business. Thanks Dr. Singer for all of the compliments that I get on my smile. A common phrase from my friends "who is your dentist"? ;o)

- darlene j

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Literally saved my smile. My teeth are a huge deal to me and they saved my smile!!!

- Britnee M

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Thank you Dr. Singer and staff for the high quality service and attention to detail.

- Tanner V

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Dr.. Singer is very professional and highly skilled doctor. Staff are all well trained and professional

- Jin Z

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Overall best dentist i ever I been too

- Aaron R

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